Lent Post #35: Digital Haiku 4

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Being that this is the home stretch, I’d like to do something a little different. The next nine pieces are gong to take the form of haiku and reflect some aspect of our modern digital lifestyle. This one is on the world of dating in the age of the internet.

Swipe left, swipe right now
Seconds to decide, soulmate
or sex shopping list?

Lent Post #31: Forgotten

Elderly dude

I belong to a land that time has long since forgotten,
a land filled with hospitals, metal cages, and rooms full of invalids.
I come from a life whose prognosis was always grim,
and now that things have changed,
I mingle amongst the people who think that I’ve lost my mind, that I am somehow deranged.
The metal cages are gone, the rooms full of invalids have disappeared,
and invisible walls have come to take their place.
Looked upon with a mild neglect, I have never found nor experienced true love.
The streets are filled with cut curbs and wider doors,
yet another poetic experience I will never have
the freedom of running across the British moors.
The people with the gift of sight refuse to truly see,
that I am one who comes from a land that time has long since forgotten.
They are stuck in the past,
with visions of the progress that has been made,
yet they refuse to see all that remains to be.
The ones who remain forgotten are the ones just like me.