Lent Post #35: Digital Haiku 4

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Being that this is the home stretch, I’d like to do something a little different. The next nine pieces are gong to take the form of haiku and reflect some aspect of our modern digital lifestyle. This one is on the world of dating in the age of the internet.

Swipe left, swipe right now
Seconds to decide, soulmate
or sex shopping list?

Lent Post #31: Forgotten

Elderly dude

I belong to a land that time has long since forgotten,
a land filled with hospitals, metal cages, and rooms full of invalids.
I come from a life whose prognosis was always grim,
and now that things have changed,
I mingle amongst the people who think that I’ve lost my mind, that I am somehow deranged.
The metal cages are gone, the rooms full of invalids have disappeared,
and invisible walls have come to take their place.
Looked upon with a mild neglect, I have never found nor experienced true love.
The streets are filled with cut curbs and wider doors,
yet another poetic experience I will never have
the freedom of running across the British moors.
The people with the gift of sight refuse to truly see,
that I am one who comes from a land that time has long since forgotten.
They are stuck in the past,
with visions of the progress that has been made,
yet they refuse to see all that remains to be.
The ones who remain forgotten are the ones just like me.

Lent Post #30: The “-ism” As I See it

Image of fractured head

This piece is a part of my book The Gimpy Monologues. If you like this one, consider giving the book a shot.

The world is fractured by isms, racism, sexism, classism, Christianity… Oh, wait that isn’t one is it? What about Christian fundamentalism? It doesn’t matter what word those three letters find themselves at the end of, they are probably three of the most divisive letters applied to any word in the English language. I’m going to talk to you about the ism as I see it, but before I do, I’d like to add another one to that list… ableism. It works just like all the others, just as sexism sees women as inferior to men simply for being women, just like classism says that a person deserves what they get because of the class they happen to inhabit, ableism says that in some regard I am less human than you, that somehow my differences make me inferior. These nebulous things… These three letters, they’re not sitting very well with you, are they? They don’t sit well with me either. Because here’s what ableism says about me. It says that I’m in a wheelchair and because I’m in a wheelchair I’m inferior. It says that I don’t contribute to society. And you know what? In some sense, it’s right. In some ways, I can’t contribute to society… Not because I don’t want to, but because society won’t let me. But this is nothing new, it’s just the nature of those three letters. It is a three letter wall, but I have a solution, the only trouble is I can’t take credit for it. This is probably the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned in my entire life, and I learned it from Bruce Lee.

Here’s what Bruce Lee said… I’m probably going to fuck it up, so bear with me. Be like the nature of water. Water erodes even the strongest rocks, if you give it enough time. It can overcome any obstacle in its way, with even the smallest weakness. Water is formless, it is shapeless, it becomes whatever it is held in. That is not to say that water is weak, quite to the contrary water is strong, persistent, and adaptable… And yet it is gentle at the same time, but it can become a true force of nature all the same. I’m going to take the sentiment from Bruce Lee just a little bit further. You can’t divide water from itself, unless you place the water into separate containers. That is what an ism is. It is taking the water that is the beauty of humanity, the humanity that we all share, the potential for the love that we all deserve and the fulfillment that we all seek, and dividing it into several containers, so that we are no longer connected. The solution is simple, tip the damn container over, and let our humanity, the humanity that you and I share be like the nature of water; gentle yet strong, persistent yet patient, adaptable yet indivisible and unweakened. That’s the nature of water, it’s the only way to defeat the ism as I see it.

Lent Post 29: The Quest for the Rainbow Bagel

Okay, so, to be honest, today might feel a little like I’m phoning it in. And in some ways, I am… I’ve had about three or four hours of sleep a night for the past couple of weeks and it’s gotten to the point where I can hardly think coherent thoughts. Luckily for me, I have fantastical friends who share pieces of content with me that they think I will like. Below, you will find one such piece of content which puts the issue of accessibility front and center well hopefully making you laugh! Give it a good think, and leave a comment about accessibility issues below. I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow! Or you know, whenever you guys start commenting!

So, it doesn’t look like WordPress will let me embed the video with a free account anymore. So check out the video here!