A little bit about me: I’m a would-be poet, philosopher, spiritual seeker, and an all-around student of life. Within the digital pages of this blog, are some of my thoughts, musings, and in some cases papers I’ve written for various classes I have taken over the course of my 27 years of life thus far. Some of my thoughts are rather random, and haphazard, and some are well thought out. Other things written in this blog, are provocative and quite possibly to some, even blasphemous in some ways. I would like my readers to know that none of what I write is out of malice for anyone, or even the human species as a whole, even if some of my writings seem to indicate such a view. Just remember, I am a human being just like you, I have a family, home town, and many friends just like all of you. I encourage discussion on this blog, but please remember to be respectful of one another, and treat each other with kindness. Thank you so much for reading!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the “follow” on my blog HIGHER HELL. I have to ask- is the name the perverted Sage a reference to Jiraya from Naruto?

    1. Yes it is, though it wasn’t entirely my intention. I just Happened to not like the fact that wise people are supposed to act a certain way… So I wanted to pervert that haha! And Jiraya, well… that was a bonus

  2. Hey Sage, I was just thinking…do you think that you always were just a deep thinker, or do you think having a disability makes it worse/better, depending on your view of deep thinkers? I feel like I have always been serious, contemplative, introspective, but I was just wondering.

  3. Hey Sage, I was on your blog the other night and I found a post with this story about the angel of death. I commented on it that you were a liar, etc. All in fun of course, but I haven’t been getting notifications when/if you reply, and now I can’t find the post. Could you give me the link?

  4. This is a wonderful about page Sage. Although you might want to explain your blog name a bit, so people don’t think you’re just a normal, every-day pervert. 😉

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