Lent Post #25: I AM (A Birthday Poem)

I wrote this piece for a very good friend of mine for her birthday. I thought I’d share it in preparation for the coming year.

She opens her eyes and greets the sun with a warm smile.
Remembering the previous day’s labors and spent miles.
She rushes off to do the day to day, and never forgets to says the things she needs to say.
Because a happy life is lead when all is said and done,
Deep inside she’s thankful and surrounds herself with those who reminds her she’s not the only one.
She glides into a room, with golden hair aglow.
And when you look into her eyes of deep ocean blue,
You see, she’s the sweetest one you’ll know.
For today, we celebrate the day that she declared herself:
I am!
The changes that I want to see in the world!
I am!
More than just your typical girl!
I am!
I am smart, Wise beyond my years!
I am!
Because I have to fight back to the flood of tears!
I am!
Tender and I am strong!
I am!
Not only your best friend, who will be there with you until the end.
I am!
Just that kind of person!
I am!
Hear me breathe,
See me live,
Feel me love.


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