Lent Post #18: A Tribute to Tyler

I’ve had a lot of friends pass away from accidents, struggles with depression, violence, and some mysterious circumstances… This past Christmas, I lost someone I considered which you might call an extended little brother, brother by choice rather than birth. His name was Tyler. He was one of the few people for whom I did not have to modify the way I speak in order to be clearly understood, and I most certainly didn’t have to dumb myself down at all. My younger brother, Tyler, and I went on many adventures. But all I have left are the memories that we shared. I don’t know what to call this piece, primarily because writing and now… So for now, A Tribute to Tyler.

Words need not be decoded,
Between us, sentences can be broken,
Hardly a word need be spoken.
The psychedelic, kaleidoscopic nature of our minds,
Always made it so that we were thinking along the same lines.
A will as strong as steel is what you had,
A heart bigger than the world in which we live
Made it so that you could hardly do anything bad.
I wish that you were here so that I can tell you,
that life is merely a wild, hectic ride no matter what you do.
And with a quiet strength, you ruled yourself with a gentle hand,
Always mentally prepared for the task at hand.

Your strength and power came from that of same heart,
Sometimes even the best of us need from time to time to fall apart.
Rebuild, restructure, and reconvene,
And continue asking the questions about the meaning of life.
What is it all mean?
Your future burned bright,
Like a nuclear candle.
There isn’t a damn thing in the universe you couldn’t handle.
A mind and heart as strong as crucible steel.
Yet somehow, you still allowed yourself very much to feel.

My world won’t be the same without you in it,
So many ideas that run through my mind,
Now all of that, I don’t even know where to begin it.
I look forward to all of the trials I’d help usher you through,
now there are days that I just don’t know what to do.

I wrote this piece the way I did for your love of rhyme,
Just so I could say this isn’t goodbye, brother…
But until next time.

I love you and miss you, dude. I don’t know what life has planned for me, but if there is some sort of afterlife, I hope to see you again.


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