Lent Post #17: Code of the Samurai

Honesty and sincerity
These are the virtues I live by,
Or at the very least I humbly try.
But sometimes it’s harder than you might think.
Now listen carefully, don’t even blink!
Because you see these virtues became twisted in my heart,
To the point that they nearly tore me apart.
Wrapped in this cloak, I wore a shield of anger.
It was to protect you from my sadness…
I wanted to push you away,
So I could stay true to the code.
Never letting anyone into my sacred abode.
I thought it was to protect me from you,
But it was to protect you from me.
I never ever wanted you to see,
The mangled mess that you called me.
I wanted you to think I was an angel with wings to fly!
With uncanny abilities that no one can deny…
I wanted to think of myself in the following way,
Now sit back and take an earful and hear me say:
“Some days, some nights.
Some live, some die.
In the way of the samurai.
Some fight, some bleed.
Sun up to sun down.
The sons of the battle cry!”
But I see now that was just a mask,
A shiny veneer,
All to keep myself from looking in the mirror,
But now I know what it all means…
So that before I die,
I can truly say,
That I lived by the code of the samurai…


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