Lent Post #6: Street Corners

I have had a number of people in my life who were, and are affected by the issue of homelessness in my city. It’s not something that we can readily ignore. Many people do find ways to ignore it, though. And it bothers me. So I thought about those people when I wrote this piece. In particular, I remember a man I met at a mall when I was about 15 years old who was a former professor of philosophy and possessed a great love of Plato and Aristotle. We met for weeks, I would buy him food, and he would teach me philosophy. That love of philosophy has stayed with me ever since, as did his hatred of the analytical trend in academic philosophy today. So it is for these people that I present this piece.

Street corners,
I found myself on one the other day.
There was so much I needed,
But I didn’t know what to say.
The voices in my head are scarier than any horror movie,
I’m lost in a sea of what- if’s can’t seem to separate themselves from reality,
My constant companion might be your favorite bottle of “Once-In-Awhile,”
But then again, maybe not.
You see, I used to be a lawyer,
Or a doctor,
Or real estate agent.
The point is you don’t know.
Maybe there are a thousand chances I’ve squandered,
Maybe I’ve never had a chance at all.
Or maybe, there was that one chance that I wasn’t sure of, and I freaked out.
These are all ways that I could’ve gotten here.
Standing on a street corner,
I found myself here today,
I see all the eyes stare at me in pity,
They won’t seem to go away.

But at last, I finally know what to say,
Do you remember the time,
When you were scared?
But you took a chance and made a decision,
And things finally went your way?
What if you hadn’t, what if you didn’t?
What if instead, you ended up like me, here today?
So when you look at me,
remember your life too,
Could’ have ended up this way.


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