Lent Post #4: The Red Flag Of Revolution

Those of you who know me even a little through my writing will note that I have always had a problem with the word revolution. I know that in common parlance, the word revolution means an upturn or upheaval, some kind of sweeping change. Or something like that… But I also know that it has another meaning which is a meaning often used when speaking about planets in orbit. I have long felt that words carry with them an embedded message that encompasses all of their definitions, regardless of whether or not that definition is being invoked at any one point in time. This is why we don’t need a revolution, we need something different, something better. And I have no idea what that is, but that’s why Iraq this piece.

The Red Flag of Revolution

The red flag of revolution,
it flies its color high.
A symbol of hope, passion, and revolutionary change,
But it is also the color of hatred, scorn, and unchecked lust.
The red flag of revolution is the bull to the Matador,
And the Matador to the bull.
After entangled in a seemingly choreographed dance,
As people shout in cheer with excitement and fervor
It is the champion charging in as a rage-filled protector,
And it ends its life as a murderer with a single thrust,
Of a polished sword with a flourish of victory,
In reality, a triumph and defeat.
It is the bull to the Matador, and the Matador to the bull…
The red flag of revolution is colored with tears and blood,
A symptom of the great forgetting of a very simple thing…
Revolution is just a circle.


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