I Am Awake: 30 Days of Poetic Meditation Day 4

Deutsch: Yin Yang
Deutsch: Yin Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slithering and scaled
Most griped with fear,
They have become deaf
Your message they cannot hear
Close to the earth, lord of the naga, you feel its vibrations
You follow your finely tuned instincts without any hesitation.
Your children, the dragons of yin and yang
They enter into me, and eradicate the doung (demons)
My mind is quiet,
Your gracious yet fearsome hood protects me
As I sit with you my gracious protector,
Keeper of earthen wisdom.
You ask me,
“Why the hatred?”
“What is your mission?”
“Where are you?”
“Who are you?”
I said to the lord of the naga:
I can feel the heartbeat of the universe.
The trillions of stars across countless galaxies pulse in time with my own.
I see lines that all connect to me,
and to each other.
Love is the divine will of the universe.
Where love in its truest form exists,
There can be no hatred,
So I will take all the pain and the hatred,
and I will turn it into love,
I will use my will of fire,
use my will of fire,
and transmute it into love.
I am awake.


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