Golden Capped Salvation: 30 Days of Poetic Meditation Day 3



Manna descended from the Heavens.
A golden capped dose of the divine connection,
The oneness and peace that comes,
With a healthy influx of dopamine and serotonin,
Helps you to seek and find the divine within
The All…
Time erodes the experience’s originality
,Replaced by the need for the dogmatic authenticity.
Twisting the words of all the great prophets,
To act as symbols of division
As corrupted agents causing a profound
Ideological collision.
Instead of embracing the memory
Of that place of inner peace and harmony
Whether through prayer,
Contemplation, or plant medication.
Remember the message,
From that golden capped spiritual invocation,
Peace, Love, and tolerance…
Will lead humanity to its salvation.


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