The Tao of Mother: 30 Days of Poetic Meditation

Yin Yang symbol superimposed over the earth 

You, the bearer of life are closest to the Tao.

Simultaneously soft, yet unyielding.

This is the way of nature.

Nurturing budding life in a cradle of springtime warmth and tenderness,

And tempering the mature with a necessary harshness,

That life may endure,

As you have.

With an effort practiced to such a high degree,

Results seem to  be birthed without the slightest pains.

A Master of wei wu wei, of effortless effort.

The deepest well of compassion,

We drink and drink,

Perhaps too much.

Yet you appear unscathed.

And over time, you wear down, ever slower.

And with eyes of wisdom cultivated by your care,

We slowly step into the way of the sage.

And give of ourselves to nurture you

Into the next season,

The coming winter.

This is The Tao of Mother.


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