People Equal Light

2008 Nike+ Human Race in Austin, Texas: The Co...
2008 Nike+ Human Race in Austin, Texas: The Concert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Racial tensions in the US have been running high recently, for those of you and other parts of the world you might
argue that they’ve always run higher in the US than in a lot of other places around the world. You would have no arguments from me on that point. One of the keys to the problem here seems to be this thing we see as the color barrier, we just can’t seem to get over it. It’s been made abundantly clear to me lately that a huge part of the problem is a matter of perspective. What I’m about to say in this post is going to sound like it resonates with New Age thinking, I hope for some of you that is not a complete turnoff. This is just an analogy, but to me the human race is just like a ray of light that includes the entire spectrum.
The only way we begin to see different colors is because at some point the light gets separated, and because of that we see red, yellow, orange, and so forth. The human race is much the same in that respect. The human race was born somewhere out of Africa, then as time progressed different groups moved to different regions of the world slowly, causing genetic mutations that brought about changes in skin color, since the groups were isolated from one another there came to be various cultural differences. This is very much what happens when you push light through a prism. The light begins to slow, and it begins to split into what we call the visible spectrum of light. The development of various cultures can be likened to the prism effect, distance dictated difference.
Imagine that there was a red ray civilization for example, the civilization that saw everything as red, that civilization traveled the world and discovers that there are other civilizations colored by a different portion of light, they perceive that difference as somehow being wrong, or just different in a scary way, this causes hostility which eventually leads to war, and long after the war is over, communication breaks down between the two groups. This to me is much the same as what happens in our world, our reality is totally colored by what in reality are superficial differences between groups, the way we think about it, we see ourselves and others as being separate things. When in reality, we are much like light, one beam that includes all potential colors on the spectrum.
Another problem that somewhat stems from this has to do with conditioned human psychology. News media by and large have a vested interest in sensationalizing stories to promote viewership, nobody wants to hear about the guy who helped an old lady save a stray dog just to give a hypothetical, but when we hear about a recent shooting, it gives us the feeling that our place in the world is not secure. Our minds then become like a lens that separates light from itself. There were several scientific studies done in the past few years that indicated that people who suffered from depression for example were inclined to have a more “realistic” view of themselves, which means basically that they were less inclined toward positive thinking. I’m not suggesting here that if we think positively all our problems will disappear, bad things in the world will continue to happen. But it’s when our minds become inclined toward the negative that we lose our ability to really affect any positive change because we just can’t see it. This is likely true on a global scale, as well as on a personal one.
If we consider ourselves to be colored by a specific ray of light, it will skew our perspective of the people around us and create a feeling of otherness. It is my feeling that this shift in perspective, the slow dissolution of the idea of self versus other, would help immensely if only we would take the time to understand. Let’s all commit to slowly removing the light distorting lenses we have placed before our eyes, and begin to see each other as we truly are. We are a species that can make the world that we live in a better place for each successive generation of our offspring if we just learn to work together.


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