Friends in the Unknown

This poem is an exploration of childhood fears and how we can learn to accept them.  This poem will appear as part of a children’s poetry anthology later in the year published by Blacktastic books titled “Changing the world one poem at a time.”

Illustration for The year's at the spring; an ...

The monsters in the closet,

Shapes in the dark.

In the beginning little one,

It will strike fear in your little heart.

Shadows dancing that you just can’t see.

They follow you, and they follow me.

They’re children of the unknown,

And even when you think you’re on you’re own.

Know you’ve got a friend in the unknown.

A friend for life that sometimes you can’t see.

Turn on your light in your mind and in your room,

And you’ll know that the unknown aren’t children of doom.

Just remember dear one,

When your on your own,

You’ve always got a friend in the children of the unknown.


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