Enciendete Candelita


Some say that the Great Spirit molded us from the earth.

Others, that we are made of Stardust; the stuff of the heavens.

Either way, the universe flows in me as it does in you.

I’m not wise enough to tell you which is true, that decision should be left up to you.

But I know as surely as the stars shine that you are part of the wondrous universe,

And it is part of you.

I’d like to share some wisdom with you from my handful of years on this Earth,

As we have gathered here today to celebrate your impending birth.

Remember these things as you glide your way through life,

Let them be your guide and your comfort in times of strife.

Explore this world, it is your home and it is full of wonder,

It is nature’s epitome.

Always wonder, always ask why,

And on your journey you will receive some answers,

Just as surely as there is an endless sky.

What follows now are things I want you to remember,

Treasures of the heart that we must all carry forever.

When you smile, share that smile with others,

Bring a portion of your joy to your fellow sisters and brothers.

When you cry, remember that someone somewhere is crying too,

Let the fact that you’re not alone always be a comfort to you.

And remember even tears of sadness nourish the earth beneath you.

When you love, do so without condition

And remember, that above all else, this is our life’s mission.

Laugh as loudly and as often as you can.

Fill your heart with joy.

And smile each night as you meet the fabled Sandman.

But above all else, know that you are loved.

Be patient with us, because like us you were sent from heaven above,

But our journey is not as recent as yours,

So you must teach us to give abundantly of our hearts outpours.

We love you with all our hearts, and just want to say, that this is one of many of your very special days.


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