Bias, the Problem As I See It: A Gimpy Monologue

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My physical limitations are very real, people might think that they get in the way, and sometimes they do. But the real problem is, the way you look at me, and the way I look at you. The problem is bias. We go off to college and we take these classes, we read these books, they take us to the various times, past and the one that still passes. Every teacher thinks that their discipline can change the world. And they’re only part right. Sociology, psychology, philosophy, and the sciences. All of them hold fundamental keys to human understanding with one fatal flaw. But I’ll get to that.

Wielding these books and we learn the truth, the brutality that’s befallen our forebears in the prime of their youth, we fill in anger welling up inside wanting to take down the power that is, and begin to uprise. Some of the think we’re pacifists, but we have the mouths and sullied hearts of war makers, gossip mongers, and the monsters that are created in the name of protecting an ideology. We stamp out racism with the same hatred in which it began, instead of looking to our left, then to our right, and realizing we inhabit the same land. I remember that hatred deep inside my heart, it found its insidious way into what I thought was my purest art. I was wrong. I called it ableism, to me the world was divided between those who had what I wish I did, and the people who had taken away everything I had to give. I live in a world where Brown gave way to white, and even when that difference was out of sight it was still me versus them… Those who could walk and had all the fun, and me; the guy who was filling his heart with fire and hatred before his life ever begun. And then, I remembered my history, and then all I saw was nothing but a shattered mystery, I could finally see the whole. It didn’t matter now, ‘cause in my mind I had no goal, except to destroy that which held me down. And I owed to the place who gave me my second cap and gown.

Now it’s time for me to drop poetry, and give you the real message. I sat in these classrooms and listened to these people and I thought they were revolutionary. They told me that I’ve been cheated, they broke down the system that did it, this showed me all the problems, all the greed, and lust, and hate. All the problems with no solutions, and anger with nowhere to go. I joined people who said they were going to change the world and I would do it with them, but I failed to see the exact same hate that welled up within them. Fire is never best fought with fire, mutually assured destruction is not protection, it’s just what it says, a form of assured destruction. A complete annihilation of the soul and psyche. So from that vantage point I left. Off to fight my own battles, to seek and to understand. To leave this little speech, this little piece of paper, into your tender in capable hands. Don’t seek your identity within a group of hateful people that tell you you’ve been owned by another group, people are just people. If you give into that, surely be duped. There is no ultimate discipline, it’s not like they say. I wish I could tell you that there was another way, but these battles are hard and to be fought long and with difficulty, but just as much as you say you believe in me, I believe in you completely. Leave the poison behind, take my hand, and walk with me, roll with me, hobble along… We’ll change the world hand-in-hand, woman after woman, and man after man.


3 thoughts on “Bias, the Problem As I See It: A Gimpy Monologue”

  1. Also, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery for a while. Too long actually. I’m done searching. George Bernard Shaw said it best, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself”. That’s what I’ve been up to. Creating someone I can live with. It’s a messy process.

    I hope you’ve been doing well.


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