The World We’ve Always Wanted: A Gimpy Monologue

No Equality

I look out over the precipice of a crumbling civilization, and I see people yearning for equality; the gross mislabeling of a very human desire. Equality simply means sameness. And yet, we prize our diversity. We prize our differences, our individuality. I can feel that desire welling up in all of you, I feel how much pain it causes, I can see the potential futures, the joyous occasions that flashed through your mind. As the world stands now, all I have are my four wheels and an ass to sit on. You have your two legs, your complaints, and your complacency. And a series of mislabeled conceptions of the world around you. But I tell you, the time to rise is now. Don’t ask for equality, ask for fairness, and demand justice.

The only way we can ever begin to get what we want, is to understand what we are asking for. Ask for a world without barriers, a world where differences are embraced. Ask for a world in which discrimination and prejudice are but distant blemishes on an otherwise spotless collective mind. Ask for a world filled with mutual respect, as well as deserved mutual adoration and admiration. Ask for a world where it doesn’t matter what you look like, it matters how you think and what you can do. If we begin to ask for these things, the world may begin to finally understand what we are asking. We may finally begin to get the need to create the world that we’ve always wanted.


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