Word to Power: A Gimpy Monologue

At the top of this hill, my brakes are locked. Do I fear rolling downward? No. Backsliding. Slowing the progress of an

Helen on the Ramparts of Troy

entire segment of the population to a standstill. I sit atop this mountain, proverbially speaking, and I ponder. People often say that words are meaningless, or that actions speak louder than words. The last time I checked to speak was a verb, an action. Don’t ever let someone tell you that words have no power, words have had the power to turn the hearts of men and women everywhere, to make them follow blindly, or to stir a deep and rousing fervor to echo throughout the ages. Helen of Troy was said to be the face that launched a thousand ships, imagine if she had bothered to make her intentions known. Imagine what could have happened if she had bothered to speak.

In some cultures, going back to the time of the ancients, to speak was to bind, to make a reality. When we speak, that word becomes real, it flies upon the wind like a feather looking for a destination until it is caught. Sometimes, words fall on deaf ears, but that isn’t the end. They bounce and they fly, and they wander in the sky until they plant a seed in someone’s skull, burrowing their way deep into their consciousness until finally, an act springs forth. It all may begin with a single well-placed word. We tend to throw around words as though they mean nothing, but remember words have the power to cut as well as the power to mend. They both have one thing in common the transition from thought to action, and from word to power.


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