Panic: A Gimpy Monologue

Panic Attack Word Cloud in the shape of a brain
Panic Attack Word Cloud

Everything is fine,

The sun is shining,
The cool air blows upon my face.
I think of all the ideas worth refining,
I feel the start of the day divine,
And suddenly, my mind drifts off into endless space.
Instantly, I’m filled with thoughts of the unknown,
As the fertile soils of my mind are propagated with the seeds of ideas not yet sown.
Stuck in the vast shadows of the future.
I walked down the busy streets,
I’m seized by a knot in my stomach that nearly knocks me off my feet.
Voices from the crowd no longer containing thought or melody.
My body overcome with an overpowering sense of malady.
And eventually, all falls silent,
Except my breath.
Rhythmic and ever quickening,
Like the roar of Taiko drums.
I try to get a grip on myself,
But my mental hands are all thumbs.
My body seized with an electric shock,
Seemingly from something like a Tesla coil from deep within.
Strong and powerful it always is,
It’s all I know,
It’s all I can see,
The insidious monster of fear,
That paralyzes me.

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