Don’t Be A Retard: A Gimpy Monologue


No political correctness

Retard! That was the way most of us call people out on being utterly ridiculous idiots, and if something was retarded, it’s because we saw no point in it or it otherwise was waste of time or nothing more than an inconvenience. It’s a word I used to use very frequently, and it’s one that I still used today. Is it politically correct? I don’t think so, but the funny thing is I really don’t care. Here’s the other thing about words like retard and retarded, when I use these words, I never think of someone with a severe cognitive impairment, or any other form of mental disability. I always think people like you, who do things without thinking and marvel at the negative consequences that befall you because you’ve failed to think anything through. I always think of the meatheads that have nothing better to say than things like “bro, that was epic!”Marveling at a trick shot in some stupid ass game like beer pong. I usually think of the people who constantly tell others they should go home and learn English before they come here, without ever thinking of the difficulty that learning a second language can have, mostly because you’ve never done it. But underneath all of that, I think of people who pride themselves on their ability to be politically correct.

Let me tell you something, political correctness in speech does not denote a lack of bigotry. The notion of political correctness is sicken

ing to me, because for a lot of people, it’s merely another form of dishonesty. Something they can use to mask their internal feelings, a lie. So I may use the word retard, and occasionally I may still call people retarded, but at no point does it ever enter my mind that I’m offending some ethereal nonexistent in the moment cognitively impaired individual. I understand that our use of language has a lot to do with the way we think, let me tell you about the way I think. It is better for me to offend you, if it makes you think, than to use a bunch of limp-dicked euphemisms just to maintain your level of social comfort.

Because guess what? Comfort leads to complacency. Complacency is a state of non-thinking acceptance of the way things are. So if my language offends you, that’s a good thing… At least so long as it makes you think about what you think while you’re using it. Don’t be a retard. And for those of you who are thinking, “I have a family member who has a mental disability, the fact that you use the word retarded offends me.” Think about what that means about how you think of that person. Think hard. And then I’ll say again, don’t be a retard.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Retard: A Gimpy Monologue”

  1. Hi, thanks for linking my article (assuming you did, I’m not sure how that works exactly).

    Some good points in there. I especially agree with the statement that “political correctness in speech does not denote a lack of bigotry”. All too true.

    That said I think you run into trouble with your core argument: “when I use these words, I never think of someone with a severe cognitive impairment, or any other form of mental disability”.

    While I don’t doubt this is true, the problem is that your intentions are only half the story – you also need to consider how the word is interpreted by those that hear it, something you have zero control over.
    Many/most will probably take it as it is intended, but some will not; bigots will take it as a small confirmation of their prejudice against people with mental conditions.
    And those who HAVE mental conditions (and who are therefore on the receiving end of that prejudice fairly frequently) may understandably not be thrilled about having their conditions associated with “people who do things without thinking and marvel at the negative consequences that befall you because you’ve failed to think anything through”. Very similar to how teenagers used to use the word ‘gay’ to denote things that were lame for a while there – not intended as bigotry, but subtly reinforcing it nonetheless.

    I agree that political correctness can and is used disingenuously, but if you’re genuinely concerned about bigotry then why not just use another word? ‘Moronic’ has a nice ring to it without the association with a group of already disadvantaged people, as does ‘fuckwit’, ‘dickhead’, ‘wanker’, ‘fratboy’, etc etc.


  2. just wondering if you use other slurs, or only the ones you can get away with. The people who are asking you not to use retard as pejorative aren’t about political correctness. They live with an intellectual disability and are asking for respect. That enough for me, but clearly your mind is made up. No one is going to call the word police when you throw around that slur. I believe in your right to free speech. Not sure why you don’t believe in mine.


    1. I wrote it. So if you’re wondering if I could write something like that, I did. And I did it with the purpose of pissing people off… It occurs to me that unless you make people feel some sort of a motion they don’t really think about what they’re reading. I don’t know at what point during the piece to the gentleman above I attacked your right to free speech, but the very fact that you thought I was attacking a right to free speech told me that you didn’t really think you reply through very well. What I’m essentially saying is I’d rather know someone’s a bigot then give them the ability to hide it through the practice of political correctness. And I can tell you from personal experience that there are plenty of people out there who have the external appearance of respect without any internal modicum of it whatsoever. Respect is internal, it is not merely an external phenomenon. Think about it. People who live with intellectual disabilities are retarded in the least, the people who are retarded are the people who are completely supposedly intellectually capable but choose to act in ways that would indicate a much deeper problem that intellect cannot fix


      1. Agreed. I wondered if it was you writing. Political correctness is disgustingly overrated. One of the most powerful things about blogging is the ability to move beyond the pc world. I’ve been treated like a human at times since I ventured into wordpress, and it was a treatment sorely missed. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I went a little crazy. 😉

        Retard isn’t my favorite word, since it is one my biggest hater uses in the heat of the moment. He definitely means it as an insult to my intellect, but it shows more about him than anyone else.

        The words people choose to use don’t change who the person they are talking to is. I’m not stupid, but I don’t need or appreciate the world acting like I am by changing their words/tone of voice/etc. because I’m in a chair.


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