I’m Not a Genius: A Gimpy Monologues Interlude

Genius Bar
Genius Bar (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

I’m a genius

Everyone thinks I’m a genius
I’m aloof, reserved, quiet
“Deep” they say
It’s what is on the surface
Of my personality
But on the inside
I don’t have a single
Extraordinary thought bubbling
To the grasp air
I haven’t invented a new calculus
Or discovered a form of alternative energy
I stand off to the side
Lost in a lightsaber duel
Not contemplating stars
Or the function of the cell
I’m not a genius
But I’m an autistic
Don’t tell one
Because society will pity me
Instead of being understanding
And say “Aren’t you cute
Teaching yourself to be social.”
That’s the mask I adopt
“Troubled genius”
Those close to me know it’s a ruse
To the world
It’s the phrase they will abuse




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