Living in Reoccurring Darkness: A Gimpy Monologues Interlude

In The Museum #11
In The Museum #11 (Photo credit: EyeOTBeholder)



The sun is shining,
it’s warmth beams upon my face,
I feel almost normal.
Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere,
I am transported.
To what I thought was a distant memory,
Filled with pain, anguish, and sadness.
No longer in my cubicle, or in my home.
Forced to relive the most painful memories of my past,
On the feedback loop of an insecurity camera,
Buried deep within my mind.
All I remember is being mangled with fear, sorrow, and tears.
When I search for the me that exists now,
That Is All I Can See
What you do when your mind,
The thing that sets you free,
Turns out to be what folks you in darkness,
Your own worst enemy?


One thought on “Living in Reoccurring Darkness: A Gimpy Monologues Interlude”

  1. I like to think about the complexity of mind, the way there are many sides or parts to us. There are parts that are trapped in old events, as though those events were ongoing/now. Sometimes it helps me to remember that the I who can witness may bring relief to some of those trapped parts of self. Not easy, but sometimes doable. Being angry with parts seldom, if ever, works. Nor does joining their suffering.


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