Reality Check

Happy Fourth of July to all you fellow US citizens out there! For those of you who are not of the United States persuasion, it’s basically a day where I get to say today I don’t feel like writing my material, and I’m going to be spending the day at a friend’s barbecue. In lieu of my rantings, I would like to share with you a rant by one of my awesome friends (who also contribute pieces to this blog from time to time), that’s right ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it… It’s is the hobbler! Anyhow, when I read this piece, I knew I was going to share. At the time I didn’t know when, but now I do 🙂 this piece describes a portion of a reality that I live with as a possibility fairly consistently. For those of you who have friends with a disability that don’t ever seem to have problems, they probably just don’t want to talk about these kinds of problems. Most days I have good days, some days I have bad days and I this myself, and other days that may be worse still, I have vision crapped my pants. And honestly, no amount of recurrence, self-awareness, or acceptance can completely eradicate the feeling of humiliation and utter inadequacy that can often accompany experiences like this one. Please read with an open mind, and a humble heart. For those of you celebrating the holiday, happy Fourth of July folks!

PS. Whether or not this piece gets incorporated into the larger work at hand is completely up to its author, if not it’s definitely given me an idea for similar story from more personal perspective. Enjoy.

Plays Well With Words


If you are looking for a funny cat video or pictures of beautiful people smiling, check the rest of the internet. I interrupt this regularly witty blog for a shot of reality, which unfortunately is a hard thing to come by in our modern “A-Okay” world. I could pay a therapist $100/hour to listen to me rant and rave, but lucky me, I have a blog. I can let the world know how much I suck and later my husband can use it against me when he finally gets enough of my shit and files for divorce, and my kids…oh yeah, my kids. I may have to delete this blog so they won’t come across it one day and need more therapy than I do. Okay, might as well end with a bang right?

Today I had more than my fair share of humility forced upon me. I have Multiple…

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