Why not date me?: A Gimpy Monologue

Save The Date Concept
Have you ever wondered what it would be like dating a person in a wheelchair? Oh look at that I see all those curious eyes out there in the audience… so why don’t come with me on a little journey, and let me paint a little bit of a picture for you. Ladies, have you been out with a guy who forgets to do the simple things, like pull out a chair for you because he’s thinking about where he is going to sit? Well guess what, I come with my own chair so all I have to worry about is you. Another upside, you can wear the hottest heels you want…and you don’t have worry about your feet hurting. Want a change of venue? Good, so just have a seat on my lap and let’s go. But the absolute best part is that my bling is always with me 24/7 see these shiny rims? I’ll always be looking good.

From about 2 feet down, the world is a pretty big place…but the best thing about is, from down here, you’re always someone I can look up to (wry smile). The last time I checked a little admiration was good for the human soul. And besides, aren’t I a pretty boy, who can say no to this face (gestures to self). So ladies I have a question for you, why not date me?

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