Not Who You Think I Am

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I’m not who you think I am.

I’m not weak, or stupid, or useless, or pathetic.

I’m not your burden.

I’m not blind to your looks of pity.

Or to your embarrassment.

Or your pride.

I’m not afraid of the world.

I’m not desperate for your help.

But I do appreciate it.

I’m not my wheelchair.

I’m not miserable.

At least no more than you are.

I am tired of fighting to be seen.

I am stronger than you’ll ever realize.

I am also in more pain than I can describe.

I am alone in a lot of ways.

I have learned how to handle that.

I am smart.

I can be funny.

I can be fun.

I can also be a bitch.

I am aware that I can’t change how you see me.

But that doesn’t change who I am.

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10 thoughts on “Not Who You Think I Am”

  1. Hi — I’m Megan, an editor for a new website called, where we share and tell stories about people facing challenges, whether that be a disability, disease or disorder. I found your blog on Tumblr and it’s so powerful. I’d love to repost this entry on The Mighty if you’re interested. We’d link to your blog, of course. If you are, please shoot me an email at Hope to hear from you. Either way, thanks for writing!



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