Advanced Chair Evolution Revolution: A Gimpy Monologue Spoken Word Piece



I’m part of the advanced chair evolution revolution,

When I go out to a movie, I have my own see or restaurant for that matter,

I need not repeat. An outsider looking in, might have seemed like a curse but it’s really a godsend

Socially conscious, acutely aware.

I can be there with you while my mind is everywhere

To go speeding down the hill, you need something like a skateboard.

But as for me, what the hell would I need that for?


My Spidey senses tingling, I sense a wheelchair ramp,

But when much it can fit through the door sometimes I’m afraid I might be laughed at

When you walk into a room, you have to try so hard,

But when I roll up in their there’s no way they can regard… Me

The big ass piece of metal strapped to my ass, it might be all they see…

But in the sea of a thousand faces, at least I know they won’t forget me.

I might just be, more intelligent, and more charming than you.

Because I’ve done what I’ve had to do

Wearing all the masks,

Saying all the things,

So that I can pretend to be like you.

But man I’m done with that mess,

You can go on and chill in with the rest,

Or start chilling with the revolution that sure to be the best

I might see life from 2 feet down,

But that just means I know how to turn things around

When you see someone like me

Just remember don’t stop and stare, come on people it’s only a wheelchair

Always bear in mind the people of my kind are part of a new evolution,

And just take part in the advanced chair evolution revolution

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