A BDSM-style collar that buckles in the back. ...

Do you ever lay in bed, pleading with your brain to let you sleep? The brain speaks in whispers, giving you partial thoughts and random ideas. Like the lover who never has anything to say until you’re about to fall asleep. As softly as your mind sends its pillow talk,  your body screams in agony.

Pain, demanding your attention. It is a jealous beast. There’s passion in its cries. Desperation for your focus. The obsessive, demanding lover. Trying to control your every move. Wanting to dominate,  needing submission.

You have restraints for use in this threesome. The bounds of narcotics, the blindfolds of sleep inducers; even the talkative mind can be lulled into submission with the right combination of tools. The tools therefore become the obsession. Call it addiction, or an infatuation, but devotion to to the incredible release achieved through use is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Of course all fetishes have consequences. Daytime drowsiness, memory problems, probable long-term damage to your liver and other organs, but they feel so good…you need them. Your body craves them, your mind lusts after them…

Of course you could just smoke pot, but the story might not be as good. 😉

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