On My Level: A Gimpy Monologues Spoken Word Piece

On My Level
On My Level (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everything happens on my level
regardless of ifyou know it or not
you see the girl walking by? She’s looking extra hot
. I smile and stare and she thinks it’s cute
but for you, all you get is a scathing rebuke
most of the time, she won’t even notice on staring at her chest
because I have a better view than all the rest.
One of the few perks of being a wheelchair
you can take a trip to the perversity University
and no one will ever care
my mind rushes 1000 miles a minute,
while you struggle just to figure out what the hell is in it
they say that when you lose something, something else remains to be gained
I guess they’re right, sometimes makes up for the unbearable pain
but don’t sit here feeling sorry for me
I’m just the way that I have to be
I got a keep playing the game
I have to make sure nothing never stays the same
that’s what happens when you live life without being ashamed
that’s what it’s like
on my level

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44 thoughts on “On My Level: A Gimpy Monologues Spoken Word Piece”

  1. On a side note, you are always welcome to chat with me about life, disability, relationships, etc. it’s nice having someone who can understand the added difficulty of being disabled. I promise not to fall in love with you or anything like that. Sometimes it is good to have a friend out there who isn’t going to worry if life in a chair sucks. I understand good and bad days are just that.


      1. I don’t blame you, haha! I get distracted by fresh pineapple too! Yeah, symptomatically they are similar, except CP isn’t degenerative (technically) though I feel it when I get older every year. I think the worst parts are my “gimpy days” and maybe being remembered as the guy in the wheelchair rather than anything of substance, how about you?


      2. “…maybe remembered as the guy in the wheelchair rather than anything of substance”…read like a knife of brutal honesty and pain. I understand, exactly. That’s why I want to (and actually have started to) dance while going around town in the chair. Might as well give them something to remember.
        Everything changes so much. Some days nothing’s a problem, and the next I’m barely strong enough to get onto the toilet. Some days I don’t see the point. Some days I’m happy and want to conquer the world. I absolutely hate the chaos in my mind, and the uncooperative nature of my body.


      3. I knew you’d understand. When it comes to that, its pretty much like I’m talking to myself, in that I don’t have to explain anything. Honestly, its pretty nice

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      4. Oh, I was wondering if you wanted me to write the draft on your blog. I write a lot typically if I have a purpose, but then I delete tons and rearrange and stuff before posting.


      5. I like this! I’ve always loved that your pieces feel like I’m having a conversation with you πŸ™‚ How close is this to what you want so far. This is something I wish I could do πŸ™‚


      6. Hey Sage, did you know they have pageants for wheelchair people? I’ve never been interested in beauty pageants or anything like that, but the wheelchair ones are for advocacy and awareness more than beauty.

        I’m thinking of entering for 2015. If it isn’t that much work that is…


      7. They have the state ones, and the winners of that do a national one. I had no idea they existed either. The winner of the national one goes all over the country advocating for a year.

        There’s got to be something for the guys. Maybe an upper-body body building competition?


      8. Sorry. It has a lot in common with MS, as far as the spasticity, and some of the other things. So, what do you think the worst thing about being chair-bound is?


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