The interview: A Gimpy Monologue

At a job interview
At a job interview (Photo credit: Arroz y Asado)


So, I had a job interview the other day. And I was thinking, “awesome! Good for me! Finally get to save some money, and grind my way toward that glittery thing called the American dream.” It was a job interview working at a day care center. I’ve always loved kids, a lot of people do… So I thought it would be perfect. Address myself up in my good clothes, looking like am about to sweep someone off their feet, I mean, seriously I looked good. I rolled in with my million dollar smile and two cans of wit for good measure. I was ready man! I filled out my paperwork and was waiting to be called in, it was weird, kind of felt like I was in the doctor’s office except I was holding a resume and job application instead of a medical questionnaire… Go figure.

I get called in, and things were weird right off the bat. The first thing the lady said to me was that she didn’t expect me to be in a wheelchair, sounded so “normal.” She said, “oh my goodness, you were so well spoken and articulate on the phone I had no idea…” Am I supposed to take that as a compliment? Whatever, it didn’t matter. But that’s when shit got weird, she made me take this cashiers that since I would be handling money, which made sense. So I take the test, she looks it over for about 10 seconds and told me that I got too many wrong. Too many wrong? “I’m not supposed to do this” she said but I’ll show you the ones you got wrong. Funnily enough, she blacked out the questions before she showed me that I got the “wrong” answer. Luckily for me, I had a pretty good memory. $1.50 and $2.25 makes what? Come on, I know you guys can do this in your head right? $3.75. So, I was never wrong. I was so “articulate” and “well spoken…” I ought to be; I speak two languages and have an IQ of 135 I better be articulate. But apparently, I can’t do basic math? So apparently an IQ of 135 was not good enough to watch after some 10-year-olds. You know, earlier today coincidentally, I ran into a guy who used to work for the federal government and he told me the damnedest thing. He was talking about how in the private sector, people are just as reluctant to hire people with a disability for the same reason the reluctance part of elderly… This preconceived notion we can’t work. It ended up being a rather enlightening conversation, it’s funny the things that happen to you on the bus on a disappointing day, at least I was able to laugh at the irony. So should you.

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4 thoughts on “The interview: A Gimpy Monologue”

  1. Employers get tax breaks for hiring disabled people. That should help a little. I haven’t tried getting a job since being in the chair full time. Have you checked out your DRS department of rehabilitation services? They were very helpful with me getting the last job I had. It sucks that employment isn’t always based on merit, and ability to do the job.


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