Chained Part 1: A Gimpy Monologue

 By Ronald Brady and Jique Bryant

You know, you might have a friend, a homegirl even, who’s in a wheelchair and you think, she’s cool to kick it, but then you think, “nah, shit, that ain’t gonna happen.”
See? You did it again, you went and thought of me as a pinnacle of asexual androgyny. But I figured I’ll just go ahead and do you a favor and share a little piece from my naughty inner sanctum.


“What are you going to do with me?”
That’s what I whispered as he chained my wrists together.
He showed me all of the objects he was going to punish me with.
He replied, “You’re going to get a taste of every one of them by the time I’m done.
In my mind, I love every second. On the outside, I play with him, I act like I’m resisting. He lifted the crop over me. I felt the lash of the crop. My whole body tingled with every lash. My mind raced with anticipation. I have no idea what to expect, I’m in ecstasy…


Getting pretty hot and heavy huh? Don’t think I’ll give all my secrets away that easily, but just remember if you’re looking for a little flavor in that plain vanilla life, you might wanna take another look this way.









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