I’m Pregnant: a Gimpy Monologue (rough draft)

Okay guys, here’s another one. This one’s very much still in the works in the idea is still very fluid. If you get an opportunity leave a comment down below. I’d love to hear what you guys think! Sometime next week I will be writing a post that details my vision for the work, just so you guys can be a part of the awesomeness! Talk to you again soon! 🙂

Parents Cerebral Palsy - Children both NO C.P....

I’m pregnant! It’s going to be a baby girl. We want to name her Corrine. I’m worried, I think we all worry when we are expectant parents. We all want the same things, for our babies to be happy, and healthy. But we have to worry about a couple of other things too. How my going to be able to breast-feed my baby? Is breast-feeding even possible? Will there ever be a day when I will be able to hold her? Is the burden too much to bear for my husband, to take care of all those things I find physically demanding or even impossible?

Did you know?
I have cerebral palsy.
I’m a quadriplegic.
Did you know?
That is small is the slice of the population is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, that people with cerebral palsy or seven times more likely to be diagnosed with a condition on the spectrum?
The statistical average life expectancy for someone with cerebral palsy is just over the age of 50? Will I be well enough to enjoy watching my baby girl grow up to be a stunning woman? Or will she think of me when she has to take care of me?
Sometimes I wonder if she’ll understand that I want to do so much more for her than I physically can. Will she feel my love?

I’m pregnant! This is the best days of my life, and also the scariest, but I guess everyone goes through that. I’m pregnant.

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