Making Disciples: A Conversation Across the Atlantic

I wish there were more public religious figures who thought of their religion this sanely


Over the past or week or so, we’ve been at it… posting. Posting again, separated by an ocean, united by Christ.  We both approached the same subject from different angles, both concerned, both grieving, both seeking the answer.  Paul in England, Don in Virginia; we’ve never met, we’ve never spoken, but united by a common thread, a common hope, a common love, and joined in His purpose.  What follows is our exchange, our ideas, our hopes for ourselves, and for others.  In this conversation between followers of Jesus Christ, you will see our frustration and our concern, as well as our hope.  You might be irritated by it. You might even be convicted by it… and you might be inspired.  In the end, we both hope that you will come to a closer relationship with our Lord.

PAUL: Sitting here on my “spiritual see-saw” – looking at one end –…

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