The Gimpy Monologues: Help?

Hey guys!

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So, I know I’ve been a little flaky. Aimless even. But I’ve had a little problem, and I was thinking that the world of bloggers could help me out with it. I’ve had this project in mind… It’s inspired by what Eve Ensler for vaginas, and the portrait of women as empowered feminists, seeing themselves in a positive light. I’ve been wanting to do something somewhat similar, except my topic happens to be disability awareness. Everything you could think of, I want to talk about. The problem is that I’m only one person and do some of my experience is only equal to that of one person. That’s why I need you guys, the bunch of talented writers that you are. I’d like to put this on as a one act stage production’s, and I’d like an accompanying website which I will probably be building myself. The goal of the whole production is to shed some light on both the positive and negative aspects of living with various kinds of disabilities. I want to talk about societal limitations, self-imposed limitations, romantic boundaries, whatever you guys have on your minds. Over the next few months, I will be posting pieces that I’ve written for this project, and I hope you guys will share your stories either in the form of a comment in the comments section below, or so the breeze at heart, in the form of a monologue, a story, or a confession of sorts. All contributors to this project will be credited when the show finally gets produced. Those wishing to remain anonymous can very well do so if they choose to. But for now, let’s just get talking! I want this to be a living breathing project, even when I finished launching it, that’s just the beginning. There will be a social media component to the production, with what I hope to be videos of national and global variations on the project being posted on a regular basis continuing an open and honest discussion about disability and related issues. The power of the Internet is greater than the power of Captain planet, so with that, the power is ours.

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