Gimpy Love Human Love: My Mission

If anyone is interested in helping out in some way, e-mail me at Especially interested in people who might want to do a guest post, blog interview, or video interview

The Musings of a Digital Vagabond

Gimpy love, human Love

Before I tell you my mission, and what it has to do with sex and disability, I’d like to thank all my readers. According to WordPress analytics there are 400 people who read this blog regularly. That’s pretty good for someone who never thought his words would be heard by anyone other than those he forced to read them. Thank you very, very much. It means a lot to me. Now if any of you feel so moved by what I’m about to say, please get involved. It’s the only way were ever going to change anything

I’ve written a couple posts here before, about disability and sex. Usually met with pretty good responses. And for the past couple of years, the idea of doing a documentary about sex and disability. Now, there’s this wonderful book published by Duke University press called aptly enough, “sex and disability.” Everyone…

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