Different But Strong: A Monologue

A reblog for a busy, yet contemplative day 🙂

The Musings of a Digital Vagabond


(With slow belabored speech) Do… You… Think that because I talk like this, that I don’t think… Like you do? That I don’t feel like you do? Sometimes… I feel… Invisible.

(Return to normal speech, pushing chair forward twice) but other times, I know I can be more intelligent, more articulate, and more charming than you. Because I’ve done what I’ve had to do. When people give me stares, I think to myself, “damn people, I know I’m sexy and that my chair is shiny (wry smile) but dammit I’m up here. I know what you thinking, you want to see me with a naked mind, in all its glory. And we’ll get to that, like all really great first dates good things come to those who are patient enough, and who send the right signals. Speaking of signals, when I’m out in public, in a coffee shop with…

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