Fetish or Proclivity: A Romantic Monday Post

Romantic monday

So many things I’ve left unsaid, and somehow I’ve ended up in your bed.
My wheels were shiny that night, and so were my eyes,
Little did I know that it would be my heart’s demise.
Paid top dollar for my adaptation from fetish to proclivity,
Was it real or was it merely fantasy?
You were a client, I was a provider,
With shiny wheels and all, I was like your own personal Knight Rider
But somehow, these two hearts found a rhythm that seemed to complement each other,
We tried to make the transition from provider and clientele, to purely that of “lover”
At the end of the day, love clearly couldn’t find a way.
From two different worlds, you’re an A.B. and I’m merely a paid companion,
I’m merely gimpy.
We weren’t strong enough, so it’s left me to wonder the reasons why you and I have seemingly gone under.
Did you really fall in love with me?
Or did you love my disability?
Or was I merely a means to oscillate between,
Fetish or Proclivity?

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