Gimpy Love Human Love: My Mission

Gimpy love, human Love

Before I tell you my mission, and what it has to do with sex and disability, I’d like to thank all my readers. According to WordPress analytics there are 400 people who read this blog regularly. That’s pretty good for someone who never thought his words would be heard by anyone other than those he forced to read them. Thank you very, very much. It means a lot to me. Now if any of you feel so moved by what I’m about to say, please get involved. It’s the only way were ever going to change anything

I’ve written a couple posts here before, about disability and sex. Usually met with pretty good responses. And for the past couple of years, the idea of doing a documentary about sex and disability. Now, there’s this wonderful book published by Duke University press called aptly enough, “sex and disability.” Everyone should read it, but the overwhelming criticism of the work is that there isn’t enough of it out there.That’s where I come in.

You all know me as the digital vagabond, the one who floats around the Internet without a digital home, sharing a slice of the human experience through short fiction, poetry and essays.But I’d like to tell you a story about a little boy. He looked kind of like this:

English: A collection of pictograms. Three of ...

combined with this:

This would be me now.

I would get in trouble a lot, because I wanted to play with other kids. Our playground was invisibly segregated, and disabled children were not allowed to play with nondisabled children. But I wasn’t having any of that… I knew the school well enough to sneak to the other side of the playground without being seen by the special ed staff, so I would go over there and make new friends. I got recessed detentions, almost got suspended… But when it came down to it, I told the administrators that it wasn’t right for me to be told that I can’t play with whoever I want, and that I wanted to be able to make friends with whoever I wanted… The way Martin Luther King envisioned that we should. Shortly thereafter, the rule was eliminated, and the school began a process known as mainstreaming those who were not cognitively impaired. I helped change the rules, I helped change the perceptions, and I can do it again.

Big Questions

I plan on making a documentary, that’s the grand goal. but I have a few other things in mind that might help:

  •   a YouTube channel featuring interviews from people out there like you
  • separate blog talking about the issues that have to do with sex, romance , and physical disability
  •  a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a decent camera, a lighting kit, travel expenses for international interviews , materials to make a green screen set ( I know how to do these things )


so guys, please share the post with everyone you know ,and if you have anything to offer on the subject please feel free to email me here or at ronald dot brady @ gmail dot com 🙂 and just so you know, for the time being, I will be co-opting this blog for this sort of thing until I have enough steam to start a new one.




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