Get ready for TED Talks Education, airing May 7 at 10pm

Anyone know if the program will stream? I don’t have TV

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TED is coming to a TV screen near you. On Tuesday, May 7, our first-ever television special will air on PBS at 10pm. Called TED Talks Education, the special is a deep dive on ideas to make our education system stronger – with talks from teachers, learning experts, education researchers and more. The speaker roster includes: host John Legend, educator Rita F. Pierson, technologist Bill Gates, grit expert Angela Lee Duckworth, education reform advocate Geoffrey Canada, chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam, poet Malcolm London and the most-watched TED speaker ever, Sir Ken Robinson.

Set your DVR or mark your calendar now: May 7, 10pm, PBS. Above, watch a 30-second trailer for this special, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s American Graduate Program.

And stay tuned for much, much more, as TED will be kicking off Education Week on our site on May 6. Bonus: the day after the…

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