A Coded Path to the Promised Land


The Mask is hollow, it has been discarded.
To seek a person, special and highly regarded.
Beneath that is an anchor of pain,
Anguish and tears comprise that path that had been lain.
On final lair will lead me to the core,
Once I’m there I’ll become so much more.
I may be the architect,
But I need a builder,
Vulnerability is key, I must be made bewildered.
A hand that can hold me,
A heart I can trust,
These three things are a definite must.
Throw me to my illusionary wolves, Master Builder,
And show me I’m safe.
You know the mind of the architect,
Please, help me rebuild,
Make it once again that my heart may once again be filled.
Remind of all the ways in which I’m not broken,
That my mind is not all I have to give,
I’m more than just the sum of my parts.
This is about being reborn, a journey only possible for only two hearts.
So my lovely travel companion take my hand,
And walk with me side by side, into a new me.
Into the promise land.
This message is only for you,
I hope you can understand.


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