Thorn in the Side, Obelisk in the Eye

The title is a poor paraphrase of a saying attributed to Jesus in the New Testament, and while my ability to quote chapter and verse is accumulating more rust with each passing day, I remember the impression it left on me, and what it meant for me. Let me start by giving you a couple of pieces necessary information; first of all, I live in the United States, and second. I live in California. These facts might seem irrelevant at first, but they are actually quite important. I know a lot of people in this country and more specifically in this state, who seem to think that there is very little opportunity at home to make a real difference. into them, I reiterate the message that Jesus in the New Testament was trying to get at: we should help ourselves before we try to help anybody else.

Note that I’m not saying that going abroad is not a valuable experience, in fact I think the opposite; to those who have the opportunity, it is extremely indispensable and can provide much needed perspective. As much as I hate to sound like a stereotypical patriot, your experiences abroad should help you realize what needs to be done here, and what’s more, very few people that I know who are considering going abroad have actually taken the opportunity travel the United States of America in their entirety. I myself at best, have probably only been to about 5 states in the Union. It also happens that I live in California, one of the most liberal, culturally diverse states in the United States of America today. I’m planning a couple of trips abroad within the next couple of years myself, and it occurred to me, that being from California, I have no idea what the rest of this country really is like. I have learned from my conversation with others, that there are segments of the population in this country that live in third world conditions here today.

It seems to me that the intellectual capital in this country is declining, especially given the number of high-skill jobs are outsourced to other countries that are better educated, and we’ll provide the same labor for less money, and probably more efficiently too. Why not take that passion, that dedication, and that fire and use it to help those here who he did the most? Most of this country has between 40 to 50 percent of all school aged children today cannot read at grade level. if you’re passionate about helping the world, and making it a better place, then turn your considerable minds to finding viable concrete solutions to the problems that this country faces today. And with your help, we will be a beacon of hope to the world, , and not to mention we will have proven that we have the skills necessary to help those in need around the world. We will also have shown the world that we are no longer a population of painfully average intellects; and instead that we are competent leaders, educators, and engineers who are capable of helping this global community usher in a new age of prosperity on all fronts. and we will show them that we are no longer people who worry about a thorn in another’s side, while we have an obelisk sticking out of our eye.


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