Revisiting the Darkness

I’ve been battered and torn to pieces, and abandoned in this dark place.
Survive I can no longer in this lonely space.
Rage building, and despair begins to mount,
I can see nothing, I can find no way out
I’ll tell no one, only you.
I feel as though there’s nothing more I can do.
Dylan Thomas Once told me to rage against the dying of the light,
Never going gentle into that good night.
But I know how it can feel.
To feel the same pressure from worries imagined, and worries real.
A shadow that invades your lush principality, shrouding it in darkness,
making meandering pest-like phantoms into reality.
I’ll sit with you in this dark place,
Making sure you know it’s not an empty space.
Because every suicide is a maiden, deflowered virgin, suicide.

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