Admission of a need

I feel a little weak. as much as I try to tell people that there are cases in which they’re  better off alone, I’ve come to the realization  that I need someone. even if it isn’t quite true that I need someone, I really do want someone. I need romance in my life, it’s the way I was wired. I have tried to convince myself that it is something that I will eventually outgrow. but it isn’t. I want someone who thinks I’m amazing, who kisses me goodnight because they want to. sometimes friends just aren’t enough they don’t
seem to serve the same function. But most of all, I want the feeling to be mutual, and the actions to be reciprocal.which is why I could not live in celibacy. Looking for love in bars, backrooms and bedrooms. this is one of those cases where an old lesson  comes back to haunt me, I have to learn not to apologize for the things that I want that I need.


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