The misunderstanding of the real

Looking out at the precipice of the universe I see quiet beginnings, yet powerful momentum; deliberate yet mysteriously slow. But that is my human bias.I come from a world of instant gratification… A world that makes no apology for its flagrant self-absorbed perspective. But this world, the world of the universe is a model of patience and purpose. Things move according to their own time, in a gentle but constant flow  rather than the fantasy made concrete by the ticks and tocks of the soulless, the separate, the other. Passing along the only gift it can, the decay of unreality. But here is different, everything is real, for there can be no falsehood. But this reality is strange, for whilst everything is real, almost nothing is understood.


16 thoughts on “The misunderstanding of the real”

    1. To be perfectly honest, I am not really sure. It’s planting seeds of the fact that there’s a new way. Not everyone wants or needs to embrace it, it’s not a case of right or wrong, simply different. The world will be saved by changed minds.

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      1. I can’t tell you exactly what inspired the initial line of thinking. I thought that way for pretty long time, but I can tell you what helped me better articulate it. I would have to say that reading Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance a few years ago made a huge impact. A friend of mine somewhat recently, also shared this article on life hacker about living without a clock for 30 days. And in that article there was a keynote speech that I read. That also helps me better articulate my feelings and would eventually gave rise to that piece.. Questions are always good, and always welcome 🙂



  1. I used to study with a Buddhist monk in Los Angeles. “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was one of his favorite books. Interesting that you mentioned it. What are you reading now?


    1. By training I’m a web designer, I spend most of my time tutoring kids in math, English and Spanish. I’m currently pursuing a degree in philosophy. And I’m trying to get some of my fiction and poetry published. How do you spend your days?


  2. Well… I’m a novelist. Actually just published my first through Amazon. Let me know if I can be of any help to you in that regard. I spend my time living hard and writing soft. Experiences. Currently working at a quaint but upscale Italian restaurant in the downtown area of Chicago. Pays the bills. And fun. And guests there are actually buying my book. One day I hope to support myself fully as a novelist. One day I’d like to bring back the Fitzgerald-cool of literature for my entire generation. Daunting tasks those.

    My friend Erik’s a philosopher. You might like his blog:


    1. It never ceases to amaze me the kinds of people that read my stuff, or the connections that I’ve made due to my endeavors to write. I’ll definitely be picking up the copy of your book, thanks for reading! I’ll definitely be giving your friends blog a follow too.

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  3. Completely agreed. I’ve entertained conversations with everyone from retired moms in the suburbs to city-dwelling, hipster party-children since I published. Meaningful conversations, too. Our writing brings us closer to humanity. So it’s my pleasure. I’ll be very excited to receive your insights on my work.


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