In your eyes, earthen Brown and kissed with honey, I find comfort, pulled into your interior celestial skies, I find rest. In between your ample bosom as I lay my weary head, the cadence of your heartbeat calms me, I can hear you breathe. Slow and shallow,it brings me to a place of consistency and peace. My perpetual inner galaxies swirl and you whisper “calm, be still.” I slow as if succumbing to your seemingly divine will, floating into the air from your melodic, harmonious voice. Parted from soft satin lips pressed against my skin, you kiss away the tears. You take my hand, pressing it in yours, with fingers interlocked and you gently press my hand against your heart, I know I’ll be okay. They say home is where you hang your hat, but I know one better. Home is where the heart is, and mine is in you.


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