Ardent Endeavor for a Smile

With velvet lips and the silver tongue, I proclaim the following words. For your smile I give of my time and a bit of my soul, just for a while. With divine mandate a thing of the past, my choices stand before me. And with the will of freedom with which Adam had been ordained, I choose at least in part to give of myself to ease your daily pain. Your halfwit guardian angel, one of heaeven’s rejects, I can fly no more but I can work for one thing, your divine trust and respect. For for this former servant, there can be no such thing as faith, for the knowledge that precludes it often hinders it from my view, but I have found a kind of faith however small, it is a kernel of faith that I’ve found in you. So on this dreary day I ask, that with a gleeful heart and with an eye to the future, complete your given office task. And know that when the day of the Sun comes around, to a place of smiles you will be bound. In my hands you will see, small yet lovely surprises hidden in obscurity.


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