Thoughts on Daniel Quinn, And a Prayer for a Cosmic Kind of Faith

In part because it is a late night and in part because my brain is pulsing and throbbing with an intellectual pain equivalent to a 13-year-old’s first penile erection, I feel the need to share. In the last week, I have had the opportunity to read four books: My Ishmael, The Story of B, The Tales of Adam, and Thomas Aquinas and 90 Min. the last one of these was an absolutely horrid book I would recommend to no one unless you felt like you wanted a lobotomy afterwards. However, the three preceding books are by a fairly well-known author by the name of Daniel Quinn. And unlike the ultimate book in the list, I would recommend these books to anyone interested in a new societal paradigm in which we do not ensure our own destruction. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into these books, and I would argue that Mr. Quinn is one of the greatest intellects of our time, and a pretty gifted storyteller. With that said, I disagree with his worldview on a couple of points, and only wish to discuss one briefly here. Daniel Quinn supposes that the religious traditions that have come into being as a result of what he has called totalitarian agriculture serve to bolster the idea that mankind is the supreme focal point of life on earth. While that has been true to a large degree for much of our cultural history, I would disagree that every religion that exists either as a result of or in reaction to the cultural consequences of totalitarian agriculture sees the world in this way. I would also disagree that all such religions without exception, teach that man is a broken creature in need of saving. And I have observed over the course of my thus far brief life, that many religions that have once been considered guilty of contributing to this worldview are beginning to find a way to lead people back to the idea of oneness. I would like to share an example of this train of thought.

This particular example comes from a priest within the Catholic Church, and unfortunately I am unable to provide very much information about this particular individual. I can only say that it is one of the most beautiful sentiments I’ve heard expressed from anyone in any religious tradition, and I would sincerely hope that this idea spreads amongst the various religious traditions of the world, and until that day, I will continue to pray that this idea catches like wildfire. Also, if anyone would like to discuss the prayer that I’m posting, both in the video and in text form, please feel free. I am also up for a lively discussion on the ideas of Daniel Quinn, any time day or night. And as always, thank you for reading!

Eucharistic Prayer of the Cosmos
P: God, the Cosmic Dancer, we honor you.
You who choreograph
the solar flares,
the orbits of the planets
and the wild careening of comets and meteors.
You who can name every ancient rock in the
Asteroid Belt,
you who can tango with
typhoons and twisters and tornadoes,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Ultimate Artist, we honor you.
You who paint sunrises and sunsets,
the plumage of birds and the camouflage of insects.
You, who with your finest brushes,
watercolor the wings of butterflies
and the costumes of flowers,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Sculptor, we honor you.
You who chisel out rocks and mountain ranges,
and cup your hands to form sand dunes,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Writer, we honor you.
You who leave traces of your penmanship everywhere;
holographically concealing your entire Magnum Opus
in every line of the text.2
You whose mystical meaning
is often misunderstood
by the scriptures of the world,
scriptures in which Unity Consciousness
is fragmented into sectarian separation.
You who secreted, in the winking of a distant star,
the Rosetta Stone which would allow us
to translate every experience
into a Christ-consciousness moment of ʻEurekaʼ,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Musician, we honor you.
You who make flutes
of the willows by the lakeside
and of the reeds on the river bank;
you whose bass-baritone reverberates in the thunder
and whose soprano trills
in the morning music of the blackbird;
you who drum ecstatically with your raindrops
on the sun-parched plains;
and you who hold all of these sounds
in the silence of a star-studded night sky,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Mathematician, we honor you.
You who love to play with binary codes
with base 4 and 6 and 8;
with rational numbers and with irrational numbers,
with real numbers and with imaginary numbers;
you who from nothing created the One
and from the One, created the partnership of the Two;3
and from the Two created the Many;
and, then, from the Many
collapsed all, mystically, back to the One,
which vanishes into the womb of No-thing-ness
awaiting rebirth,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Physicist, we honor you.
from the impossible to the possible;
from the improbable to the probable;
and from the potential to the actual,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Biologist, we honor you.
You who whirl ecstatically around your own image
in the double helix of life-making,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Architect, we honor you.
You who silently whisper the secrets of home-building
in the hearts of weaver-birds and ants;
in the hearts of spiders and mice;
in the sacred geometry of the temple-makers
and in the wombs of mammal mothers,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: God, the Awakener, we honor you.
You who patiently call forth4
more and more complete images of Yourself,
until a species is born that remembers fully.
You who send avatars into every age
to nudge religion towards spirituality
and to move us from mere belief-in-gods
to experiences of the God-within and the God-among-us.
You who are the Sender of Siddharta
and the Commissioner of the Christ;
you who continue to send countless others
to awaken us from illusion.
You who are the Gentle Mother
watching while the great crises of our times
are understood for what they really are:
great opportunities for seeing beyond the separation
into the Oneness of Isness,
our origin, our mission and our home,
we honor you.
C: We honor you
P: Are you a creator God?
C: You are!
P: Do you design things intelligently?
C: You do!
P: Is it by evolution?
C: It is!
P: And so, since infinity is contained in a single grain of sand,
we choose bread and we choose the blood of the vine,
symbols offered us by the avatar, the God-man Jesus.
And, with altered vision,
we see back into his lifetime as a carpenter-mystic
to the mystical core of his message,
and beyond that into the purpose of his coming.5
P: Even at the greatest crisis-time of that incarnation,
on the night before he was cruelly killed,
even then, he could reach into the core of his own being,
and, using the food of his last meal with his friends, say:
A: Take this all of you and eat it.
This is my body;
the body which I accepted at my incarnation,
the body that I needed for my mission,
the body which is the visible sign
of the Word made flesh.
And you, also, have done the same.
Remember that!
P: Then, reaching for the cup, he told them:
A: Take this, too, all of you
who would aspire to Christ consciousness.
For this is the cup of my blood;
it binds us together
since we all share the blood of being human.
Truly, we are blood brothers and sisters.
So, it is a covenant between us.
It is the final covenant.
A covenant to dissolve the illusions of separation;
a covenant that opens your eyes
to the realization
that we are not separate from God;
that we are not separate from each other;
and that we are not separate from nature.
This remembering will take away
the sin of living in a state of separation.
Whenever you celebrate this ritual,
remember that.6
P: Let us proclaim the Mystery of Faith.
Here we will sing an appropriate consecration proclamation
to bring to awareness the Christ consciousness come
among us.
P: God, You are the Ocean
bathing in the waters of your own awareness;
we are the fish
agreeing that we can feel the wetness
but demanding proof that the ocean exists
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: God, You are the lamb
gamboling ecstatically
in the meadow of your own mindfulness;
we are the sheep
peering jadedly through a prison-pen
of our own making.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: God, You are the forest,
a miracle of ecological cooperation.
You are the oak tree in the forest,
a miracle of individual might.
You are a single leaf on the oak tree,
a miracle of intricate skin-stretching.
You are a cell within that leaf,
a reminder of how life was 4 billion years ago.
You are an atom within that cell,
a reminder of how life was 13 billion years ago.7
You are the energy within that atom,
juggling a multitude of microcosms,
each one a hologram of the universe of Hubble.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: God, You are the Hound of Heaven
following us down the years and down the days.
You are the tiger
prowling patiently in the garden of your delights,
and we the prey who fearfully hide
from the deadly embrace
of being consumed by the mystery.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: And so we acknowledge all of our relations.
We acknowledge the Stone People,
the first children of the rock we call Earth.
We acknowledge the Plant People,
whose intelligence invented photosynthesis and Earth-life.
We acknowledge the Wingéd People,
soaring in the vault of the sky, singing and searching.
We acknowledge the Finnéd People,
silently visiting the depths of the water world.
We acknowledge the 4-legged People,
who found the forests and the plains,
the wilderness and the desert,
and learned to be at peace in all those places.
We acknowledge the 6-legged and the 8-legged,
the most ubiquitous of us all,
investigating and inhabiting Gaia
like nobody before or since.8
We acknowledge the 100-legged and the 1,000-legged,
the lowly ones,
taking forever to go nowhere
because nowhere is where the present moment always is.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: And we acknowledge the 2-legged ones,
the human family which you joined through incarnation.
We are one family,
but we are the twin energies of our race,
the feminine and the masculine,
which are the two facets of your immanence.
We are the intrepid seekers
who started in Africa
and then discovered Asia and Europe,
America and Australia,
the Arctic and the Antarctic.
And everywhere we traveled,
we found your footprints.
We are Black and Yellow,
we are Brown and White and Red.
We are the hues on the palette of your art-working.
We have learned to speak 7,000 languages
and each one can sing of your wonders.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: We have followed the signs of your safari on Gaia,
getting occasional glimpses of you
in our theologies,
and having full-on encounters with you
in our mystical moments.9
We are Buddhists and Bahai,
we are Christians and Confucianists,
we are Jews and Jains,
we are Muslims and Zoroastrians,
we are Shintos and Shamanists,
we are Sufis and Sikhs,
we are Taoists and Hindus.
We are Seekers,
sometimes sleepy seekers
and sometimes awakened ones.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: We do not ask for signs anymore
for we are surrounded by miracles.
Rather, we ask only that we come fully awake.
We ask that we become mindful of our true nature
which is Buddha-nature;
that we become aware of our core essence,
which is Christ-consciousness.
Help us to awaken.
C: Help us to awaken.
P: Through this realization,
under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
we offer you honor and glory,
forever and ever.
C: Amen


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