Plea From A Lyrical Street Prophet

God, Brahman, the Tao

Three different names to describe the same thing.

Let’s not get tied up and whether it’s an anthropomorphic being.

In these concepts, is a timeless allegory.

Let’s try putting this into a new category.

The virtues of patience, love, and understanding,

it sounds really easy, but it can be truly demanding.

Whatever your view, whatever your perspective,

this is one thing of which we should all be receptive.

We are part of nature and its energy provides,

It doesn’t care whether or not we disagree and take sides.

From the aurora borealis to the darkest corners,

We tend to walk through life like ungracious mourners;

Always complaining,


Refusing to live in a way that is simply sustaining.

Let’s take a cue from each passing season,

And let’s teach each other how to stop committing a soul’s treason.

The Buddha taught us that life is full of suffering, death, and the certainty of decay.

But he also taught us to look at it in a less negative way.

This is my call to arms, my never-ending plea,

And unworthy street prophet is all you’ll ever find in me.

But instead of trying to fight it, let death and decay come as they may.

To let the hatred and discord slowly fade away.

Take the message of this lowly street prophet, as the hate is gone, let love stay.

Trust me people, life is better that way.


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