Interesting, is man capable of redemption?

The Burro Speaks

My will is no will
Questioning and falling
Treading the wicked maze
Of humanity’s fallen heart

I desire an innocence belonging
To birds in the trees,
Mice under the brush.

It’s a vain hope
From a cowardly soul
Praying for redemption
Ignorant that it comes
From within

When I look into the mirror,
The looking glass,
I see myself
Not an all-powerful Atlas
Lifting the weight of the world
Supreme in all creation

I see a frail animal
Weak, but struggling, courageously
Fighting the lure of false godhood
Forsaking the almighty fruit
That so many delight in
It tastes so good
The feeling of knowledge
Over life and death
Good and evil

Man’s greatest sin,
Including mine,
Is believing that he was
Lord over earth and its creatures
And that this belonged to
No other power, but him

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