Amazing friends, Better Lovers

Romantic Monday banner

We’ve learned to listen to each other on a level like never before.
I told you things about myself that I’ve never told a soul.
You’ve told me things in confidence, you’ve been my best friend and sometimes, so much more.
I know what makes you smile, and even love your laugh,
we’ve seen each other through the darkest days,
sometimes it seems like we’re each other’s crisis support staff.
On this night, something’s different and I can feel it in the air.
Because when I look into your beautiful eyes, there is no other place I want to be, but just right there.
I lean in to kiss you, your lips are tender and soft.
Our tongues dance for joy, as our heads are in the clouds, slightly aloft.
I kiss the nape of your neck and you invite me with a subtle moan,
that from here on out, this is something new, and with me you should come home.
I’ve had sex before, but never made love.
This is something different, something I could have never dreamed of.
And when we’re done, and it’s over.
It seems I found a phantom, as rare as a four leaf clover
as I look into your eyes, and think about the way I feel as I hold you under the covers,
it’s how I know that we are amazing friends, but even better lovers.


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