Have you Seen Me

Have you seen me?
The dashing young man with the easy smile
The quick mind and sharp wit that can go the proverbial mile
The silver tongue, good for speaking easy and even being just a little sleazy
For parting the pink seas, and diving for that sensual pearl
For more than just simply the right girl
But have you really seen me?
Missing like a boy on the side of a milk carton
Wishing I was loved like the OC and Miss Mischa Barton
My case should’ve the news in primetime
A little kiss, a little hug, a little special kind of love
It won’t cost you a fucking dime
I will and would always make it worth your time
Have you seen me?
A pretty face hiding isolation and pain
Praying just to weather the storm and stand the rain
Hoping that my princess isn’t in another castle
That she’ll find me and free me from this digital prison
And save me the hassle
And say “I see you”
In response to my question
Have you seen me


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