Seasons come and seasons go,
Telling us that time does flow.
Winter, spring, Summer, then fall;
Reminding us we’ll lose it all.
Dreary days and lonesome nights,
No matter how hard one may fight.

Seasons come and seasons go,
Telling us that time does flow.
Rain may fall and sun may shine,
Reminding us we’re short on time.
And though it may seem rather strange
To sit and watch the weather change,
Thinking that time runs fast,
Only dwelling on our past.
Faces change and maybe places,
Yet all remains the same.


6 thoughts on “Seasons

      1. Interesting. I have a manual chair at the moment. Electric too, but anyway, I can’t get the manual chair over the threshold of our door, or go up the ramp without help. Am I just not strong enough, or should I be going backwards, or is there some other trick. I realized today that you are the only person I know with wheelchair knowledge.

      2. Is it only a difficulty in the manual chair, and what kind of ramp is it? What may help is swapping a shorter threshold ramp, with the longer type, making it less steep.

      3. the ramp is too short…I can go really fast down it though 😉 I am about to invite you to my bad girl blog, but since I am already commenting, this is the standard invite. I am going through and inviting all my followers. Is that crazy? Anyway…

        You, as one of my followers, are cordially invited to my darker and a little more personal blog:

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