My Sakura


Pink petals flow in the current of the wind

It carries your scent upon its breath

It reminds me of the softness of your hair and the tenderness

as your apprenhension thinned

The smell of you, gentle flower invokes a bitter-sweet death

The savory nectar from your supple breasts, the gods must drink

A flavor so euphoric, it halts the turnings of my mind

the warmth of your maiden flower warms me so; bringing

my passions to the brink.

Unleashing the animal within, and once it’s done you give

my soul the comfort to unwind.

Cherry blossoms, sweet, inviting and soft.

lifting me do dream, but eve-grounded with mind aloft

in your temple I take my refuge dear goddess of sensual rain

No rhyme nor reason my love, but you’ve cured my

seemingly eternal pain.


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